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How do I register?

Happy to have you on board! You can register as charge&GO customer here by giving some basic information of yourself. Just select your country and fill in the form. Happy charging!

How long does it take for RFID to arrive?

If you ordered RFID charging card it will be sent to you via courier service directly to the address of your customer account. Printing and deliveries are handled on a weekly basis so in all cases the RFIDs should arrive within 2 weeks from the order.

While waiting for the RFIDs to arrive, you can always use the mobile app to start charging. The credentials are sent to you right after the registration. Once the RFIDs arrive, they are ready linked to your customer account and immediately ready for use.

You can find the receipt of the payment in your Account History by logging in to your customer portal.

How do I cancel my account?

Sad to hear that you are planning on leaving.

To cancel your account, you can remove your payment card from your account to stop automatic payments. Your account remains in your use until the balance runs out after which it is closed.

If you want to cancel your account immediately, please contact our Support team at support@chargego.rs.

How do I update my payment card information?

You can update your payment card information in customer portal. After logging in, navigate yourself to Account information and select the option Change Payment Card.

If there is no payment card connected to your account, the view will directly show the „Add payment card“ button. You will be redirected to Payment Highway portal to add your card information securely.

How do I add more balance to my prepaid account?

Your account balance is automatically topped up when your account balance is less than 1000 RSD. When starting a charging session with less than 1000 RSD of balance left, a 3000 RSD top-up is transferred from your payment card to your charging account balance. Please note that for the top-up to work there must be a valid payment card linked to the account.

You can also manually add account balance through the customer portal. Log in to the customer portal with your credentials and on the Account information you will see a button for adding balance. You can choose the desired amount and proceed after which the amount is transferred from your payment card to your charging account.

What is the difference between AC and DC?

AC and DC are referring to current types Alternating Current and Direct Current, respectively. Batteries, also in EVs, store energy in DC format.

What are different plugs for?

Schuko is meant for using small appliances and is suitable for temporary charging of EVs. It is not recommended for longer time use. The charging power with Schuko outlet is very limited.

Type2 is an EU standard in charging and the most common plug out there. Type2 is used for AC charging and is most used in cases where your car is parked for a few hours such as shopping malls, workplaces or residential buildings. Charging power with Type2 plug is higher than with a traditional wall plug but the power output depends on your car charging abilities.

CCS is an European standard for quick charging. CCS plug gives power out as direct current (DC) which means the charging power is significantly higher. CCS plugs are usually found along highways where the stop for charging is kept in minimum to allow smooth journey.

CHAdeMO is a Japanese standard for quick charging. Usually quick chargers are equipped with both CHAdeMO and CCS plugs to allow maximum compatibility.

What is RFID and what is it used for?

RFID or radio frequency identification is a technology which can be utilized for authenticating yourself at a charging station. Unique RFID is linked to your account and when used at a charging station you can start or stop a charging event without mobile or web application.

Where can I get myself RFID card?

RFID card can be ordered by the registration process itself, where you only need to check the box for ordering a tag, or later when you access your account and select the Order RFID card box.

How to charge without registration?

If you just need temporary electric vehicle charging services and do not want to register to charge&GO services, you can always use one-time-payment option to charge via payment card. Just go to one of our chargers of your choice and then surf to our one-time-payment page. Write down charger’s ID or scan QR code and follow instructions which are displayed on your screen.

Please do consider that by using one-time-payment option charging prices may differ from registered users’ prices and additional fees may be included.

Am I secure?

We aim for reliable, robust, and secure services and information security management system of charge&GO is ISO27001 certified. We continuously enhance and ensure that our security is being taken care of by defined risk management process. All risks identified are always assigned an owner and treated with care.

Please find more information about security at charge&GO here.

How is my payment data handled?

All your payment data is stored in the servers of PSR approved payment provider Payment Highway. Charge&GO will not be able to see your confidential information but only anonymized tokens for handling the payments.

Does charge&GO charging include parking fees?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Currently charge&GO charging services do not include parking fees if it isn’t specifically pointed out. Customer must follow rules set by local parking administration.

What can I do with charge&GO app?

With the charge&GO app you can start and stop charging events, see details on your ongoing charging event, see where you have been charging and when and manage your user account. The app is constantly being developed and new features are added frequently to make your charging experience even more enjoyable! So, remember to keep the auto-updates on to make sure you always have the latest version available.

You can get the Charge&GO Android application on Google Play store and for iOS users Charge&GO web platform is available.

What does the prepaid account mean?

Charge&GO customer account works with prepaid model where during registration an initial balance of 3000 RSD is added from your payment card to your charging account. All the charging events are billed from this account balance, meaning that no separate payments are made from the payment card for every charging session.

Whenever your charging account balance falls below 1000 RSD, a top-up of 3000 RSD is made from your payment card to your account. This way there is no need to follow up on the account balance and you will always have enough funds for charging.

Where can I report new ideas and proposals about charge&GO services?

Do you have a great idea or a proposal about charge&GO services? Please consider filling in a form via our website. This way all ideas and proposals all forwarded to the correct sector of our company and can be considered during development.

We would love to hear from you!

Where can I find my charging history?

You can find an overview of completed charging sessions in your account in the Charging history section.

Can I use stations abroad?

Charge&GO charging services can be used globally. Just plug-in, and start charging. We offer our services in multiple countries and you can use any charger you can find via our map.

What happens when my car has been fully charged, but still connected to the station and blocking it?

When your electric vehicle’s battery is fully charged, current flow is automatically stopped to prevent any harm doing to your car’s battery.

Please note that, depending on the pricing model of that specific charger you may or may not be charged additionally by minute or hourly. This information is displayed before you start a charging event.

Do I need RFID to charge?

No, you do not – all charging points can be used with mobile application as well. With mobile app you can also see the charger status, information on your charging session and much more.

Verifying email address, what does this mean?

After registration, all customers are required to authenticate their registered email addresses to verify their account. Charge&GO service automatically sends a link to your email address and you are required to click the link to proceed. Customers are required to do this withing seven (7) days or charge&GO system automatically disables the customer account and you are required to contact our customer support sending an e-mail to podrska@chargego.rs to enable your account.

Please note that Internet Explorer and Edge browsers are not supported by charge&GO system and may cause issues.

How to add VAT to charging receipts?

If you entered your company’s payment card information during registration and you need a VAT to justify your bills, before you start the first charging session, you need to contact us so that we can add your company’s VAT to your account.

Can I use Charge&GO services as a legal entity?

Of course. As legal entities, the use of our services and invoicing of all charging sessions performed at the end of the month is possible by signing a Postpaid contract.

If you are interested in this type of cooperation or want more information about this, write to us at podrska@chargego.rs or call us at +381 11 715 85 99 and +381 66 803 1 700

When should I call the incident hotline?

We recommend that you contact Support only in cases where you have problem with charging on-site. This way we can ensure that customers in need of immediate assistance can get the help they need without queuing and can continue their journey smoothly.

If you have other matters, you can contact us also via podrska@chargego.rs.

Urgent help at charging station

When you need help urgently on a charging station, please check first if our How-to and Help section can provide you the needed answers. If you can’t find a remedy, please don’t hesitate to contact our support (contact information below).

The most common working solutions to the most common issues:

  • Can’t start charging? – If you are sure you have the right to use a station and your payment information is correct, checking the cable connection or waiting for a bit and trying again helps in most cases. This gives the charger a new chance to communicate with our platform.
  • Can’t stop charging? – As above, trying again is the best help here. Try, both, with your RFID and app. Give the charging station a chance to reconnect with our platform.
  • Can’t release the cable? – You should always be able to release the cable from the car. Depending on the car model, there is a release or open socket button. Also toggling the central locking system of the car often releases the cable. This often releases the cable also from the charger. If the cable is yours and still attached to the charger, please contact our support.
  • Can’t get to the charger? – If you want to charge your vehicle and access the charger outside of the opening hours of the facility where the charger is located, inform the security or maintenance worker on site that you want to use the charger so they will allow you access.

EV Driver Support Contacts:

Every day 24/7

+381 11 715 85 99

+381 66 803 1 700


Why is my car charging slower than the maximum speed?

When charging, the EV and the charger are in constant discussion with each other in regards to how much power can be delivered. The speed of charging depends on many factors and in many cases the maximum power of the charging device is not reached constantly.

The following things affect the charging power:

  • State and condition of the battery
  • Onboard charger of the vehicle
  • Electric grid state
  • Load balancing of the location
  • Temperature

What should I do if the cable is stuck?

In rare occasions charging cable may end up stuck inside charger’s socket. This may happen due to charger malfunction or connection time out. If this happens don’t panic and firstly try stopping charger event via mobile app, RFID or one-time-payment website. If this doesn’t help, try to unlock and lock cable from your car’s side. Gently try to remove the cable from the socket; some charger manufactures have rather tight sockets on their devices.

If none of the solutions above helps please contact our customer support and we’ll take it from there.

 Another car is blocking the charging station. Where can I report this?

Charging stations are reserved for charging electric vehicles, using charging station as a parking spot is prohibited. Please contact the local parking administration for wrongly parked vehicle. Local parking administrations have instructions on how to proceed with the process.

The charge event cannot be started. What can I do?

There are few reasons that charge event cannot be started. Please consider these before reporting customer service via hotline:

Make sure that cable is properly connected to the charging station and vehicle. Sometimes re-plugging solves the issue.

If you’re using RFID, try to authenticate again to the charging station.

If you’re using mobile app, try to close the app and re-start the charging event.

Check your customer account balance.

Some chargers are only for private use and require a separate permission from charge-point-owner. If you think you should have access to use the charger, please contact owner or manager of the charger. Charger is often related to workplace or facility where the charger is located in.

Some chargers may be temporarily offline and require maintenance, please try again at a later time when charger is brought back online.

The charger (e.g. display) is broken. Where can I report this?

If you find out that a charger is broken in any way which may or may not cause harm to other people. Please contact our customer service via phone or by filling in a form. Try to be very specific when reporting about an incident and our customer service can alert local maintenance personnel.

 I’ve forgotten my password

Worry not – you can at any time reset your password from the login screen of the application. After filling in your email address, click on the option Forgot password. If the email for restarting the password does not arrive within few minutes, please check your spam folder.

If you encounter problems with the password reset, please contact our customer support.

Where can I see the price of charging?

Up to date pricing information of charging points is always available through the charge&GO mobile application for each location. Price shown on the moment the charge is started will be used for the charging session, so even though the price would change during the charging session the price you see is applied.

Please note that prices may differ if you’re using one-time payment option. Prices are always shown before you start the charging event.

Ordering an RFID

You can order RFID charging card and tag either when signing up or later through the customer portal. If you are a new customer, just tick the „I want to order RFID tag“ on registration and those will be ordered for you when the account is created.

If you already have an account, go to your account information, find the button Order RFID tag and your order will be forwarded to our team.

Delivery of RFIDs takes up to 2 weeks, depending on the time you’ve ordered them. RFIDs will arrive to the given address by courier service.

I cannot find the charger as shown in the app

If you cannot find a charger as it’s shown in the app, please contact our customer service. Charger’s coordinates could be wrong or the charger might be for only private use.

Network error when selecting charger

If you encounter a prompt about possible network error when selecting the charger you are likely viewing a location that has been recently changed from public to private. The app updates the data frequently but there might be cases in which old location information is left cached to the device.

If network error persists please let us know, by contacting us.

The location of a charging point is wrong

If you find a station that has been marked inaccurately to the map you can report this to our support team.

Why price of charging differs per location?

The charge&GO network consists of dozens of charging point owners (CPO) that are acting independently. This means that the price of each charging point is set independently.

Is there a way to charge without creating a prepaid account?

Yes – you can use all public charge&GO charging points also as one-time customer and pay charging directly with your payment card.

There are two ways of charging with one-time payment. You can either go to directly to our website at: charge.chargego.rs and find the charging station with its label number. After selecting the charging station, you are prompted to give your payment card details after which the charging process will be started. Please note that in order to stop the charging session you must use the same device that was used for starting the session.

One-time payment can also be accessed by scanning the QR code located on the charger itself. Scanning the code will take you to the payment card entry page, after which you will be able to start your session.

How to contact us

You can contact our support for assistance through multiple channels. The incident hotline is there to help you in urgent charging related matters on-site.

Every day 24/7

+381 11 715 85 99

+381 66 803 1 700


I need a receipt of my payment, where do I find one?

All payment confirmations from your payment card are sent by email immediately after payment. If you can’t find the email, check your spam or junk folder.

I can’t verify my email address, what to do?

Right after registration the charge&GO system sends email verification link to your registered email address. Sometimes emails are filtered by the email service provider automatically and emails may end up in the wrong folder without apparent reason, please check your spam folder. If you have the verification link, but the link itself doesn’t work, please consider using a different internet browser. Currently Internet Explorer and Edge aren’t supported and using them may cause issues. If nothing seems to work don’t worry, we can send you a new link by contacting our customer support.

I was charged too much. How can I get a refund?

It is possible, yet rare, that price for charging event is calculated wrong. This usually is because of some inaccurate data received from the charging point due to malfunction.

If such unfortunate case appears and you are charged incorrectly, please contact the charge&GO support and our team will help you out in correcting the session information.

Where can I get the charge&GO app?

Aplication for Android users is available on Google Play Store, for iOS users Charge&GO web platform is ready to use.

How do I charge my car?

Charging your car is made simple and easy.

  • Authorize via the charge&GO mobile application, RFID or one-time payment.
  • Connect the cable to your car when indicated in the app.
  • Once charger has proceeded and charge event is started, just kick-back and relax.
  • You can stop the charge event by using your mobile application, RFID or online one-time payment panel. Use the same option which use used to start the event.

Why does in-app receipt show 0 min and 0 € after roaming session?

Depending on the station configuration and settings, some roaming station records take up to 15 minutes to update. Please be patient and wait for the application to update information. Also information about charge-events can always be found from customer portal after charging.

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