Digital platform and application for EV

Charge&GO the first regional platform and mobile application with network of chargers, provides you with a simple and
fast service of charging your EV.

Be a part of the revolution in transportation







Achieve an economic profit

Take the market leader position

Emphasize your contribution in reducing the emission of harmful gasses

Connect solar power plants to EV chargers

Your journey to the electric future begins here

Whether you have already invested in chargers or you are planning to turn your company’s business toward electromobility, the Charge&GO platform provides you with the best solution

– manage the network

– monitor charger performance

– review all charging sessions

– limit the usage

With a range of smart services within our platform, remote control of your chargers will be much easier.

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We have a charger for you

– renowned manufactured chargers

– best prices on market

– quick and safe installation

– control access with an RFID card

– maintenance and service teams


Commited to the vision of sustainable transport, we continue to actively expand the network of chargers. We are looking for suitable locations and if you want to join the development od electromobility, this is an opportunity to join forces with Charge&GO and achieve a number of benefits!

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