The first digital platform for electric vehicle charging

The charge&GO regional platform and mobile application provide a quick and easy service for using charging points to charge your electrical vehicle

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Smart vehicle charging services

From now on, chargers at the charge&GO network are at your service, as well as thousands of chargers across Europe that are part of our partner network.

The charge&Go works as prepaid and postpaid services, depending on your choice. There are several ways to access chargers in our network. To use all the benefits of this smart network, just register at and make reservation of charger, then plug in your vehicle, charge and your account will be automatically billed. You can now enjoy your ride. No hustle and bustle.


Charging point owners connected

Charging stations available through roaming connections

Here starts your electric future 


Whether you’ve already invested in chargers or are planning a business shift towards electro mobility, the charge&GO platform provides you with the best solution.

Manage your own network, control chargers, set prices, limit usage, and review all charging sessions. With a range of smart services within our platform, it will be much easier for you to remotely manage your chargers.

Our partners

Who are our clients?


EV drivers, home owners as well as owners of residential properties, companies with their own fleet, delivery companies or commercial parking venues, car dealers, real estate developers, hospitality industry, restaurant owners, large retail chains and  charging point network operators.

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